Posted on 12.16.2014

| bralet - Oasap | printed pants - Forever 21 | cardigan - Cotton  On | 

Hey everyone! If you follow me on instagram, you know that I'm back home from FSU and the semester is finally over :). I unpacked yesterday and picked out a few outfits already. But, what am I going to do for gifts! Since I don't work anymore all the money I've saved is going into my college fund but I have no spending money! Mom's been dropping hints like crazy. She wants a tea kettle, some new boots, another book ect.. Alex just wants an Xbox One and I just want the Sims 4 hehe.

Wellll I'm finally getting used to this new hairdoooo. I keep pulling on the back absent-mindedly but whatever it's just hair. I mean all the more reason to wear scarves right? Lol but not in Florida. Later on today I'm going to the flea market with mom so I threw this on; an open back bralet from Oasap anddd oh-so-comfy printed pants. :)


Posted on 12.05.2014

| top - Oasap | jeans - Oasap  | boots - Forever 21 | Earrings - thrifted |

Hey everyone! So...I went back home for Thanksgiving and I wanted to get a trim and highlights done. They cut off most of it! I was mad for a few days but I've gotten used to it. I really like the highlights. It's easier and for a minute there I was going to opt for twists, a lower maintenance style. Must have happened for a reason. :)
The white wall that I usually go to is now painted brown! Aww memories...but I like it for photos so. Wearing my hi-low gray top again and my new jeans from Oasap with these booties I recently posted about from Forever 21. Perfect for exam week. I just wrote three papers today. I have two exams and another paper to write so lol wish me luck. Woo woo at the moment I'm ridiculously wired. I haven't slept since Thursday.
It was such a tease going home for a week and then coming back home for two weeks just to go back home again haha. I didn't bother unpacking since I've just been studying.
Well, I may be able to get to bed early tonight! I hope you guys are staying warm!

How Would You Wear | Fall Colors

Posted on 11.20.2014

floral top - mom's | cardigan - H&M | shorts - Forever 21 | boots - Forever 21 | sunnies - Kohl's

Hi everyone! :))). I'm so excited to go home tomorrow! I'm writing this post in advance (Wednesday night).  I pretty much packed my whole closet (the shame) and put it in the car a couple minutes ago so no one would see. Also my friend Mishelle tried to help me come to my senses but....she knew it would fail lol. She's lovely haha, she's the same way with clothes <3. I've been studying for my two exams all day so yesss a reason to take a break.

Anywhoo back when it was above 40 degrees I took these photos for the "How Would You Wear" challenge hosted by Diane! I figured, why go dark? I have all winter to wear dark clothes and I was still clinging to the summer weather at this point.  (To me mustard is a color you should wear all year round...) Wearing my favorite comfy black shorts and my momma's T-shirt and I felt comfy enough to go to school. Speaking of mom, she called me three times today. Told me she'd have my room all ready for me (aww)