Mixing Textures

Posted on 7.31.2014

velvet bustier - Wet Seal  | aztec skirt - Forever 21 | sunnies - Oasap | cardigan - Forever 21 | black sandals - Kohl's

Hey girls, this month was very refreshing. I took a much needed break from blogging and finally put all of my thoughts together. I've been feeling so overwhelmed lately and I was lacking creativity. It got to the point where I was just blogging just to blog. Eventually I had nothing to say! Afterwards I gave up and I let myself take a break. I got the chance to repair my camera, breathe and gain inspiration. My 'situation in life' was changing too. I'm finally moving and I no longer have to wait around in this hell hole of a city. I was literally dying over here, I don't even know how I stayed here for two more years...I'm free!!! Lol with that being said, I have no more complaints! I can't wait to venture on my own. To hike, join some clubs, meet new people ect.

As for the outfit, I love mixing textures, it's so much fun. I mean knits and prints are perfect for every season but adding a velvet bustier instead of a chiffon or a simple tank totally makes this casual outfit more unique. Oh and once I added another pop of color with my bag, the outfit switched from simply casual to eclectic! What do you think?

P.S. Woop woop new layout! What do you think? I'll be adding illustrations and my header will be slightly different too :).